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Group Scholarships

Group Scholarships allow a group of individuals to pool their resources to help fund an annual scholarship for a deserving student at Lehigh.Here's how it works:

  • Alumni who are 0-10 years from graduation can provide a $2,500 scholarship to a deserving student.
  • Alumni who are 10+ years from graduation can provide a $5,000 scholarship to a deserving student.
  • Donors may choose to fund a students' tuition for 1 year at Lehigh by collectively raising $32, 500. 

Multi - year commitments are encouraged to support a student for 3 years, and payments can be automated monthly, quarterly, or annually.


Current Scholarships:


Grpyhon Society: led by Adam Kohn '11 and Sarah Thomson '13

Alpha Gamma Delta: led by Megan Bowen '11 and Shannon (Patrick) Breitman '10

Kappa Alpha Theta: led by Ashley Sciora '11 & '13G, Becky (Long) McLoughlin '09, and Lauren (Ross) Motch '02 & '03G

Andrea Stanus '05 Memorial: led by Arleigh Waring '05 and Meg Munley '05

Hanlon MacDonald '15 Memorial: Led by Sophie Blau '15


Scholarship Awards

  • Scholarships will be awarded once the minimum threshold has been reached.
  • Lehigh will identify a student with financial need to receive a scholarship the following academic year.
  • Donors will receive periodic updates from the student recipient via website or email.

Additional Considerations:

Group leaders may restrict their scholarship to a student in a specific major or college, fraternity or sorority, club, affinity, or any other area. In the event that a student matching the criteria is not eligible for financial aid, Lehigh’s Office of Financial Aid will decide who will receive the award.

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