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Development and Alumni Relations Services Contacts

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Information Processing


Jessica Kuder
Accounting Coordinator
Development and Alumni Relations Services
(610) 758-1285
Bonnie Mesler Bonnie Mesler
Development and Alumni Relations Services
(610) 758-4673          
Marisol Metcalf Marisol Metcalf
Development and Alumni Relations Services
(610) 758-4742
Susan Raines Susan Raines
Information Processing Assistant
(610) 758-5351
Ashleigh Robinson
Information Processing Assistant
(610) 758-1329
Heather Tomlin
Assistant Director
Information Processing
(610) 758-5635


Information Systems


Sean Shappell

Sean Shappell
Director, Information Systems
(610) 758-5814

Erica Douglas
Assistant Director, Information Systems
(610) 758-6514
Kathleen Kernan '10G '13G
Information Specialist
(610) 758-4419 
Elias Makhoul Elias Makhoul
Assistant Director, Information Systems
(610) 758-6525
Shahida Parvez Shahida Parvez '92G
System Specialist
(610) 758-6538
Jenny Stracke
Systems Specialist
(610) 758-5735 
Luis Villegas '12
Information Specialist


Prospect Management & Research


​Maureen Eisenhard
Director, Research and Prospect Management
(610) 758-3128


Sharon Upton
Trustee and Principal Gift Prospect Management and Research
(610) 758-6166
Jaclyn E. Jaeger '17G
Prospect Management & Data Analytics Specialist
(610) 758-5551
Tatum Lawrence Tatum Lawrence
Development Researcher
(610) 758-5688


Training and Professional Development


  Robin Dougherty
Training Manager
(610) 758-2833