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Development and Alumni Relations Operations Contacts


image of Leslie Gonnella

Leslie Gonnella
Associate Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Development and Alumni Relations
(610) 758-2024


Strategic Messaging

  image of Janet Norwood

Janet Norwood ''16G
Senior Director, Strategic Messaging
(610) 758-5350

Donor Relations

image of Amber Hadvab

Amber Hadvab
Senior Director, Donor Relations
(610) 758-5311 

image of Shelley Drozd Shelley Drozd
Principal Gifts Stewardship Writer
(610) 758-5446
Rachel Frisch
Director, Principal Gifts Stewardship
(610) 758-3127
image of Jillian Ports Jillian Ports
Donor Relations Writer
(610) 758-5490

image of Casey Sharkey

P. Casey Sharkey
Director, Donor Relations Programs
(610) 758-3815


image of Danielle Moyer

Danielle Moyer
Senior Director, Events

image of Lauren Baker Connolly

Lauren (Baker) Connolly
Events Producer
(610) 758-5769

image of Dee Johnson

Dee Johnson
Coordinator, University Events
(610) 758-2746

image of Sara Messick

Sara Messick
Director, University Events
(610) 758-4759 

image of Marisa Hartline

Marisa Hartline
Events Producer
(610) 758-2825

image of Laura Wait

Laura Wait
Events Producer
(610) 758-2855

image of Evelyn Wolf

Evelyn Wolf
Coordinator, Regional Events


Information Services

image of Sean Shappell

Sean Shappell
Assistant Vice President, Information Services
(610) 758-5814


Information Processing

image of Brandi Furry Brandi Furry
Director, Information Processing
(610) 758-5727

image of Bonnie Mesler

Bonnie Mesler
(610) 758-4673          

image of Sue Raines Sue Raines
Information Processing Assistant
(610) 758-5351

image of Ashleigh Robinson

Ashleigh Robinson
Information Processing Assistant
(610) 758-1329

image of Heather Tomlin

Heather Tomlin
Assistant Director, Information Processing
(610) 758-5635

Information Systems

photo of assistant director Jason Ehrenreich Jason Ehrenreich
Assistant Director, Information Systems
(610) 758-6514

image of Kathleen Kernan

Kathleen Kernan '10G '13G
Information Specialist
(610) 758-4419 

image of Elias Makhoul

Elias Makhoul
Assistant Director, Information Systems
(610) 758-6525

image of Shahida Parvez

Shahida Parvez '92G
System Specialist
(610) 758-6538

Jenny Stracke
Systems Specialist
(610) 758-5735 

Marketing and Communications

image of Alyssa Banotai Alyssa Banotai
Director, Digital Marketing
(610) 758-4905

image of Brien Edwards

Brien Edwards
Assistant Director, Digital Marketing
(610) 758-5738

Terri Eline Terri Eline
Director, Marketing and Communications
(610) 758-5158

 image of Penny Fasching

Penny Fasching
Digital Marketing Specialist

image of Tom Scalese

Tom Scalese '14P
Director, Graphic Design
(610) 758-4453

image of Cynthia Tintorri Cynthia Tintorri
Communications Writer
(610) 758-4418

Research and Prospect Management

image of Maureen Eisenhard

​Maureen Eisenhard
Director, Research and Prospect Management
(610) 758-3128

Alison O'Connell '09 '12G
Development Researcher
(610) 758-5688
image of Devon Rutz Devon Rutz
Development Researcher
(610) 758-6166
image of Development Researcher Lindy Speakman Lindy Speakman
Development Researcher
(610) 758-5065

Prospect Management

image of Jaclyn Jaeger

Jaclyn E. Jaeger '17G
Associate Director, Prospect Management
(610) 758-5551