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South Mountain Society

The importance of consecutive giving

Consecutive gifts—no matter the size—are crucial to the success of Lehigh University. Donors who make gifts year after year provide a powerful foundation from which Lehigh can support critical aspects of the student experience. Their generosity creates a valuable, consistent base Lehigh can rely upon when planning how it will best use its resources.

To recognize these valuable consecutive donors, Lehigh has launched the South Mountain Society. Members include all alumni and friends who have made a gift to Lehigh for two or more consecutive years.

More than 70 percent of undergraduate alumni have made a gift to Lehigh at some time, demonstrating satisfaction and belief in the value of a Lehigh degree. If just a quarter of all alumni who made a gift in the past five years were to contribute every year, Lehigh’s participation rate would jump immediately to more than 40 percent. That represents a tremendous boost in the university’s resources and reputation.

Make your gift today to make progress toward your next consecutive giving milestone! 


About the South Mountain Society


To recognize Lehigh's committed annual donors and encourage others to follow their example, Lehigh established a new consecutive giving society. In April 2014, Lehigh asked its alumni to choose a name for the new society. More than 2,000 responded to the call, endorsing "South Mountain Society" as the moniker for the donor group.

To begin or sustain your membership and reach new milestones, make your gift every year.

If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of consecutive giving, we are happy to assist you in any way.

Lehigh's fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30.