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STEPS: Science, Technology, Environment, Policy and Society

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STEPS is a “green” facility and programmatic initiative for science, technology, environment, policy, and society at Lehigh University. The initiative creates opportunities for interdisciplinary, collaborative programs for undergraduates, faculty and graduate researchers that foster teaching and research to solve challenges around health, energy, quality of life, and more. The new facility, which was dedicated in March 2011, offers:

  • Research labs and offices for earth and environmental science and environmental engineering.
  • Undergraduate instructional labs for biological sciences, chemistry, and earth and environmental science.
  • Computer labs in support of teaching and research.
  • Offices for the Environmental Initiative, an interdisciplinary program of research, education and outreach integrating environmental activities in science, engineering, politics and policy, communication, history, anthropology, sociology, economics, ethics, education and other disciplines.

By creating an environment for collaboration, innovation, and scholarship, STEPS:

  • Positions Lehigh as a national and international leader in addressing complex research issues around energy and the environment. The facility will prepare future leaders equipped with the “big picture” knowledge and problem-solving skills for economic, social, political, and technological innovation.
  • Creates a collaborative space where faculty, undergraduates, and graduate students can work seamlessly together across disciplinary boundaries.
  • Sparks higher levels of research productivity, bringing with it increased levels of recognition to Lehigh in important areas of global impact.
  • Attracts and retains faculty who will set the course for Lehigh for the next several decades.
  • Provides funding for faculty to engage students in original research, create competitive programs, and strengthen the quality and reputation of the university overall.
  • Establishes research funds and fellowships to provide opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to work closely with faculty and graduate students across disciplines on meaningful research projects.
  • Keeps Lehigh competitive among its peers by offering state-of-the-art undergraduate science laboratories.
  • Serves as a “green facility,” thereby minimizing global environmental impact and raising awareness of sustainable development on campus.

Your generous gifts will be instrumental in our ability to put a new stake in the ground for Lehigh's relevance for the 21st century around energy and the environment. Your partnership will enable our university to step up even further to address the grand challenges of energy, environmental policy and society.