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Fueling the Passion of Today's Students

Lehigh students are hardworking, creative, ambitious, and passionate. We are proud to give them a rigorous university experience that will prepare them for success and enable them to go on to live lives of consequence. Students who have the talent, grit, and spirit to excel at Lehigh deserve to be here, and Lehigh deserves them. No student who would thrive here should have to go elsewhere because of financial reasons. For that reason, Lehigh admits students on a "need-blind" basis, without regard for their financial background. At the same time, we meet the demonstrated financial aid need of every student, ensuring every student who is admitted is able to afford to attend.

We need your support to uphold our commitment to students and fuel their passions. Now is the time to put into place lasting and unassailable resources devoted to financial aid and scholarships, so we can continue to provide every generation of students with the support they need to become the Lehigh leaders of tomorrow.

The Power of Endowed Scholarships

Dedicated to generating resources to fulfill the needs of Lehigh's talented students, endowment for scholarships secures Lehigh's commitment to its students now and for generations to come. At the same time, it strengthens the foundations of the university and creates a legacy that lasts in perpetuity. 

  • With a gift commitment of $750,000, you can establish a fund with a designated purposed named in honor of an individual, family, or group you wish to recognize. This is enough to fund a typical financial aid package for a student for an academic year.
  • With a gift commitment of $250,000, you can establish a named fund and designate its purpose. That amount is enough to cover a typical financial aid package for a student for one semester.
  • With a gift commitment of $100,000, you can establish a named fund that will generate approximately $5,000 annually toward a financial aid package.

Those who make leadership gifts to the endowment are recognized with membership in the Tower Society. Endowed scholarships include the opportunity to interact with the student assigned to the fund.

For more information on how you can support students with financial aid and scholarships, contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations at (800) 523-0565 or Thank you!