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Harold S. Geneen Charitable Trust Awards Lehigh Two CBE Scholarships

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The Harold S. Geneen Charitable Trust has provided Lehigh University with two $25,000 scholarships to be awarded during the 2016-2017 academic year to outstanding undergraduate business students. The scholarships will support two students with academic merit, financial need, demonstrated leadership, and interest in corporate governance and business ethics. This gift celebrates the shared commitment of the Geneen Charitable Trust and Lehigh’s College of Business and Economics (CBE) to educate graduates who contribute to strong corporate governance and ethics in business.

“Appreciation of ethical, responsible behavior and the ethic of hard work are core aspects of the CBE’s curriculum and mission,” notes Katrina Zalatan, associate dean of CBE Undergraduate Programs. “The Harold S. Geneen Scholarships give us the opportunity to both celebrate and support the development of students who demonstrate these critical aspects and hold great potential for future leadership and positive impact.  We are grateful to the Geneen Charitable Trust for providing this opportunity for our students and our CBE community.” 

Lehigh has a deep and longstanding commitment to need-based financial aid and continually seeks new ways to provide access to a Lehigh education for all qualified students. The university’s dedication to meeting the financial need of all eligible students is aided through generous donors like the Harold S. Geneen Charitable Trust.

The university’s intent will be to award the Geneen Charitable Trust scholarships so the funds replace student loans, thus lowering the debt owed after graduation. Typical student aid packages include a mix of grants, loans, and work-study obligations. More than 50 percent of Lehigh students receive financial aid.

The Harold S. Geneen Charitable Trust was formed with funds provided by Harold S. Geneen, an American businessman who, as president and CEO of ITT Corporation, developed the company into one of the first international conglomerates. The foremost mission of the trust is fostering the education of young people and promoting responsible corporate management.

-Dawn Thren