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Your Gifts At Work

Because of you, Lehigh University is supporting the success of our students, faculty, and programs to make lasting impacts in our world. Donors support Lehigh students like Arielle Weiner '16 and Zaharia Hsain '17 (below). These Mountaintop students worked on creating an affordable prosthetic hand for people in Cambodia who need to perform labor-intensive agricultural work.

Please read on to learn how your gift matters. Thank you for all that you do for Lehigh University. We could not do it without you.

Student Support: Making Dreams Come True

Donors to scholarships open doors for the very best students, who may not otherwise be able to attend Lehigh. One such student at Lehigh is mechanical engineering major Harry Ambler ’17, who has all the tools necessary to design cars and his future career.

“There are many things that make Lehigh special to me, but the biggest thing is the vast amount of opportunities to get involved. I have a great work study position in the Mechanical Engineering Machine Shop. I am also heavily involved in the Baja SAE club, where we design, build, and race an off-road vehicle. Though I love to fabricate and build, I also really enjoy designing new parts. Lehigh has given me an opportunity to design as well.”

“This scholarship has made the difference between my ability to attend a great school like Lehigh and not, so thank you. Lehigh has let me grow, both academically and mentally, and this is something I am very appreciative of,” says Ambler.

Faculty Support: Upholding the Mentors Who Transform Students

Faculty are the heart of Lehigh and the source of its excellence and academic reputation. Donors provide faculty with resources for research, travel, and more – resources that allow them to fulfill these high expectations and deliver the very best to Lehigh students.

For example, Ju-Yeon Lee (left), an assistant professor of marketing, was awarded the Alison and Norman H. Axelrod '74 Endowed Summer Research Fellowship and recognized at the 2016 Founder’s Day celebration.

Lee’s research focuses on the financial effects on a business when switching to customer-centric marketing strategies and purchasing patterns by consumers on mobile devices. When she teaches, Lee likes to talk about what’s really happening in the business world. “I really like having a more interactive relationship with (students),” Lee says. “I get good insights from my students. It’s more of a two-way street, where I provide what I’m working on, and at the same time, they bring me their perspectives on what I’m working on. Every time I get to class, I tell (my students), ‘My goal is to change your life,’” Lee says. “Whatever you see out there after you take this course, you’re going to relate it to marketing.” She wants her students to leave her classroom with the ability to apply the marketing concepts she’s taught them to the “real world.”

Program Support: Making International Experiences Possible

Donor support has opened up a world of opportunity for Klaudia Jazwinska '17. The journalism and global studies major traveled to Milan, Italy, for a six-week Iacocca International Internship during the summer of 2016. 

“Being able to work, learn, and travel in Italy was a dream come true. Working and living in Italy for more than six weeks is certainly not something I could have ever done without the generosity of donor support. Being able to go abroad without worrying about the financial burden was truly a blessing. Donors have enabled so much of my Lehigh experience, and their generosity in funding the Iacocca Internship was icing on the cake,” says Jazwinska.

Passionate about human rights, environmental sustainability, and investigative journalism, Jazwinska continues her global adventures next semester. She is headed to Uganda, India, and Brazil through the SIT (School for International Training) International Honors Program to study social entrepreneurship.

You can read more about Klaudia's Iacocca International Internship experience on her Tumblr, Klaud Goes Abroad.