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Parents' Council

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Parents’ Council Overview

A valuable way to share in your son or daughter's Lehigh experience is to join the Lehigh Parents' Council, an advocacy group whose members serve as ambassadors and provide philanthropic leadership for the university. Membership is open to parents making an annual gift of $5,000 or more, $2,500 of which supports the Parents' Fund. Each year, more than 100 families participate in the Lehigh Parents’ Council, and their gifts to the university totaled more than $4.3 million over the past three years. Their generosity makes all the difference as Lehigh students break down barriers, take on the toughest challenges, and impress the world. Each member of the Parents’ Council is also recognized as a member of the Asa Packer Society.

To make a difference for today's Lehigh students, join the Parents' Council by contacting Tori Aitchison '92 '20P at (610) 758-5142 or

Parents’ Council members can look forward to:

A Welcoming Experience – We are genuinely enthusiastic to welcome families to the Parents’ Council and look forward to learning their Lehigh stories and partnering to enhance the Lehigh student experience. 

Informative Gatherings – The Parents’ Council traditionally holds one-day meetings on campus in the fall (typically during Family Weekend) and spring (usually in April).  While meetings are not mandatory, they provide an exclusive opportunity to learn more about Lehigh and enhance your student’s experience.  Both meetings include a reception with the students, a great networking opportunity.

These bi-annual meetings take shape around an agenda which includes administrative updates, presentations from faculty, students, coaches and campus leaders, dialogue around key issues on campus and time to visit socially with fellow Council members. Robust attendance and active participation enhance the experience for all Council members and help to ensure the university can benefit from the collective insight of the entire Council.

Communication and Special Events – Regular communication from university leaders will enhance the overall parent experience as well as invitations to special events, including a Family Weekend tailgate, winter evening reception, and reserved seating at commencement.

Personalized Engagement Opportunities – The Parents’ Council doesn’t have volunteer or committee requirements. Instead, we encourage members to explore and partner in areas where they are most interested and have expertise. Examples include connecting with the Center for Career and Professional Development, hosting admissions and summer send-off events, speaking in a classroom and encouraging others to join the Council.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Parents' Fund support?
Through the Parents' Fund, you can help build an exceptional experience for all Lehigh students by supporting Student Affairs and the Center for Career and Professional Development. Your generosity provides immediate support for priorities including student leadership and development, academic support services, and professional and career opportunities for students. It also supports athletics leadership development, making membership a good choice for parents who wish to support their students' athletics team.

Are alumni who are parents of a Lehigh student welcome to join?
Of course! Family legacies are part of Lehigh's strong tradition, and we welcome the perspective of alumni and non-alumni parents alike.

I live far away and may not be able to attend gatherings. Is that ok?
Our gatherings are a great way to get involved in Lehigh and hear important news firsthand. However, attendance is not mandatory. The Parents' Council does typically host two webinars per year, which can be attended online.

How can I get involved in specific aspects of the Lehigh experience that my family cares about?
There are many ways you can customize your experience as a member of the Parents' Council, including hosting events and welcome calls, engaging with other parents, and offering support to the Center for Career and Professional Development. Please contact Tori Aitchison '92 '20P at (610) 758-5142 or for more information.