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Impact of Your Gift

Your gift to the Lehigh Fund provides valuable, immediate resources and momentum
as Lehigh plans to become even stronger and more dynamic.

Because of you, campus is full of students with purpose and passion — and they believe they can make a difference, just as Asa Packer intended.

We hope you enjoy reading about their Lehigh experiences and their aspirations for a better world. For helping to make it all possible, we thank you for your support.

As a Los Angeles native, Diana Melendez ’18 has seen her fair share of earthquakes, wildfires, 
and drought.

“After noticing all of these natural disasters happening in my hometown, I changed my major from bioengineering to civil engineering. Many professors at Lehigh have done work in structural analysis and developed fire-resistant building materials. Being in classes with these professors has given me a chance to learn how I can make a difference,” says Diana.

Hoping to head back to LA after graduation and build safer, disaster-resistant buildings, Diana receives hands-on experience for her future.

Once on campus, Will Pemberton ' 20 realized that Lehigh was the place he could envision himself succeeding as a person and as a student over the next four years. He plans to pursue a double major in finance and accounting and a minor in political science.

As class president, Will looks forward to leading the students of 2020 with the strength and generosity of the Lehigh community in mind.

“I enjoy having the opportunity to meet with other student presidents to discuss the issues facing the student body and work toward solutions. I look forward to inspiring each and every member of my class to adopt the same passionate commitment to Lehigh University that each donor has exemplified.”

IDEAS major Madeleine Wescott ’17 came to Lehigh for the academics, the array of extracurricular activities, and the leadership opportunities. In addition to combining engineering and design in the IDEAS program, the Lehigh rowing team captain is a Gryphon and participated in the Iacocca International Internship program.

“Because of Lehigh donors, I’ve been able to attend a school where I’ve been challenged in the classroom, on the water, and abroad. Through my experiences here, I’ve been able to define my edges and acknowledge my shortcomings. I’ve not only succeeded, but more importantly, I’ve learned how to fail. For this I will be forever grateful.”

Madeleine was part of a team of students who built a Guastavino vault in the grove next to the Alumni Memorial building, dubbed “Peggy’s Bell,” to celebrate Lehigh’s 150th anniversary. You can read more about the project.