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For Students

Three cheers for the Lehigh Fund

As a student, you enjoy the benefits of the Lehigh Fund and the generosity of alumni and friends every single day. That's because the Lehigh Fund provides essential financial aid and nearly every aspect of campus life and learning.

Did you know:

  • Half of all students depend on financial aid.
  • Tuition only covers 50% of the total cost of a Lehigh education.

Without the Lehigh Fund, many of your friends might not be able to afford to come here. Athletics teams would win less often, libraries and computer labs would offer fewer resources, and our campus would be less beautiful. Most importantly, Lehigh's reputation wouldn't be as strong, and your degree would be worth less. So, three cheers for the Lehigh Fund!

You don't need to wait until you've graduated to support the Lehigh Fund. Here's what you can do: