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Parents' Council Leadership

Jeff Fisher ‘22P and Amy Weaver ‘22P & Trustee with their son, Matthew Fisher '22, a member of the track & field team.

Jeff Fisher '22P and Amy Weaver '22P, trustee, with their son, Matthew Fisher '22, a member of the track and field team.

Lehigh Parents’ Council Q&A

Jeff Fisher '22P and Amy Weaver '22P, Trustee

What do you like about being part of the Parents’ Council?
From our very first interaction with the Parents’ Council, we felt welcome and part of the Lehigh family. This has been particularly important for us since Matthew is the first person in our family to attend Lehigh, and we live in California. We love how our connection with the Parents’ Council and other parents makes us feel closer to the university.
Why do you volunteer for Lehigh? 
Initially, we started to get involved simply to learn more about and to feel more of a bond with the university. Over the last two years, we have come to appreciate what a special place Lehigh is. Amy is now a Lehigh trustee, and we hope that as Parents' Council co-chairs, we can play a small role in ensuring that Lehigh continues to attract and inspire future generations of Mountain Hawks and Mountain Hawk families.
What is your favorite building on campus? 
Jeff: My favorite building is Linderman Library. If I have a few spare minutes on campus, I love to head to the library where there is usually a great exhibition on display. I also love to take in the stunning architecture of the rotunda with its stained glass dome ceiling and the grand reading room.
Amy: My favorite building is Grace Hall. Home to wrestling and women's volleyball programs, it has to be one of the best venues in the country for sporting events. It has been beautifully renovated and provides a great setting for fans who are literally right on top of the action. I highly recommend taking in a match or game next time you are on campus.
What is your favorite Lehigh parent memory?
Our favorite memory was visiting the campus during Matthew’s senior year of high school. None of us had ever been on campus before, and it was a beautiful fall day. Leaving the admissions office, we stepped outside onto the Alumni Memorial Walkway; it felt like we had stepped into another world. With the beautiful fall colors and amazing campus architecture, it looked like the perfect college campus. By the end of a great tour and an afternoon Matthew spent with track Coaches Matt and Deb Utesch, we all knew this was a very special place, and we hoped Matthew would attend.
What is your favorite place to eat in Bethlehem?
Lunch at the Goose is a must during any visit to campus. The sandwiches are incredible, and we love Tony and Deb. They have created a true Lehigh institution and give back so much to the university. They support the Lehigh athletic teams with catering and function space and hire many students. We have also enjoyed learning (and trying) the secret menu. Jeff’s favorite is the Anakin, Amy loves the Santa Fe, and Matthew’s go-to sandwiches are the Yo! Yo! and Darth Vader.
What is your advice for first-time Lehigh parents?
No matter whether you live within driving distance or thousands of miles away, get involved and take advantage of everything that the Parents' Council offers. You will feel connected to the university, and it will make your time on campus more engaging and meaningful.