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Thanks & Inspiration

From cutting-edge research to world-changing innovations in virtually every field and industry, every gift to Lehigh makes an impact on people's lives. We are grateful for every gift, no matter its size, from alumni, parents, friends, companies, and organizations. Thank you for your generosity.

Be Inspired

Enjoy a glimpse of Lehigh's annual Scholarship Dinner, which matches students with their donors for an evening of celebration and appreciation.  Meet some Lehigh donors and hear about why they were moved to support scholarship and financial aid.

Thank You

We are pleased to recognize the generosity of our donors in a variety of ways:

  • Donors of Leadership Plaza. Engravings in the benches of Leadership Plaza, adjacent to the Alumni Memorial Building, set in stone the names of donors of $1 million or more to the university.
  • Thank You Magnet. Your support of the Lehigh Fund opens doors to new opportunities, new avenues of thought, and new ideas. As a token of our appreciation, you will receive a magnet from our yearly series depicting the many scenes of Lehigh.  

Lehigh University provides this Donor Bill of Rights as a tool for current and future donors to help raise awareness about charitable contributions.