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Donors of Leadership Plaza

The names of Leadership Plaza honor individuals who have given at least $1 million to Lehigh. The names are engraved in the stone benches located in Leadership Plaza, outside the Alumni Memorial Building. New names are added each October during the university's Founder's Day ceremony. Donors who have given at least $10 million have their names engraved with a golden overlay in Leadership Plaza and are denoted with an "*" on this list.

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Walter C. Allen, Jr. 1938

Myer M. Alperin 1948

Elizabeth P. and Ernest E. Althouse 1926

Jamie C. and William J. Amelio 1979, 2008H, 2018P

Virginia Lyon and Paul Anderson 1926

Helene and Allen Apter 1961

Shari L. and Jeffrey H. Aronson 2015P

William J. Ash 1937

Alison and Norman H. Axelrod 1974

Hans J. Baer 1947

Dorothy and Dexter F. Baker 1950, 1957G, 1981H

Barbara and David M. Baldwin 1951

Frank Banko 1941

Jack Barnett 1954

Bertha and James S. Bayless 1908

Katherine and William Beattie 1959

Wilbur A. Beck 1917

Susan Beckerman

S. Bayne and Scott A. Belair 1969, 2013P, 2013P, 2018P

Peter E. Bennett 1963

Muriel 1991H and Philip I. Berman 1969H

Nancy M. Berman 1997 and Alan J. Bloch

Lynn L. 1978 and Douglas A. Borck 1978, 2005P, 2007P

Patricia and Clifford R. Borland, Sr. 1959

Debra and Jeffrey Bosland 1988, 2022P

Lynn and George Bovenizer 1963

James I. Bowman 1951

Elinor K. Bretzlaff

William W. Broadbent 1910

Albert Brodhead 1888

Linda and Abbott L. Brown 1965

Greg L. Butz 1979

Lee A. Butz 1955

John A. Cable 1945

Thomas J. Campbell 1980

James S. Carey 1922

Andrew Carnegie

Michael J. Caruso 1967

Leo V. Casto 1959

Harold B. Chambers 1925

Gary K. Chan 1980, 2017P

William H. Chandler

Maria L. 1987 and John R. Chrin 1985, 1986, 2010P

Carol and William L. Clayton 1951

Lisa A. and Kevin L. Clayton 1984, 2013P*

Frank R. Coates 1890

Raymond J. Coates 1959

Berte and Bernard L. Cohen 1936

Anne and Webster A. Collins 1957

Charles D. Couch 1938

Sophia G. and Eckley B. Coxe

William W. Crouse III 1964

John C. Croxton 1927

Mary Packer Cummings

Kie and Haigh Cundey 1955

Mary T. and Lowry S. Danser 1933

Webster Dawley 1949

Marie F. Deach

Elizabeth L. and Blair B. Deale 1935

Wouter M. deNie 1968, 1972G

Claire and Ted Diamond 1937 

Hobart B. Dietz, Jr. 1953

Anne and Robert S. Doolittle 1965

Hilda Brennan and Frederick S. Dornblatt 1937

Fanny and Francis R. Dravo 1887

Jane and Ralph M. Dravo 1889

Elmer C. Easton 1931, 1933G, 1965H

Mary and Herbert E. Ehlers 1962

Ora and Neville H. Ehmann 1936

Lillian C. and Harry W. Eisenhart 1903

Sandra J. and George L. Engelke 1960, 1992P

J. Curtis Ford 1938

Ellen and Vincent A. Forlenza, Jr. 1975

Marlene and W. Beall Fowler 1959

Chester A. Frank 1964

Elizabeth P. Frank

Helen L. and Ronald M. Freeman 1960

Vickie A. and Kenneth R. French 1975

John Fritz

Nevin E. and Mary S. Funk 1905

Marcella and Samuel Geltman 1991H

Glenn J. Gibson 1935

Joyce and Stephen Goldmann 1966

Joanie and Murray H. Goodman 1948*

William C. Gotshall

Helaine B. and Fredric H. Gould 1957

Eugene G. Grace 1899

Patricia T. and Carl C. Greer 1962

Judy and Donald M. Gruhn 1949

Peter Hagerman 1961

Marianne and Joseph I. Hammond 1940

George Hampton, Jr. 1924

Elaine and John J. Harmon 1959

James C. Haydon

Meg and Richard A. Hayne 1969, 2012P

Margaret D. and William F. Hecht 1964

Ruth Anne and Donald Herterich 1952

Julie and Jordan Hitch 1988

Joan and Michael Hoben 1961, 1990P

June W. and Leon C. Holt 1948, 1985PG

Robert S. Honeyman 1947

Theodore U. Horger 1961

Lee A. Iacocca 1945

Catharine and Herbert R. Imbt 1938

Elizabeth and Francis J. Ingrassia 1975

Blanche E. and Bernard H. Jacobson 1917

Jane P. 1975 and Frederick H. Jamieson 1974

Charles H. Jennings 1909

Mary Louise and Earle F. Johnson 1907

John J. Karakash 1971H

Barbara and George W. Karr, Jr. 1959, 1984P, 1990P

Marion and George F. Keller 1944

Jeffrey L. Kenner 1965

David G. Kerr 1884

Ethel and Milton D. Kirk 1906

Wilbur C. Knerr 1950

Mary and Paul H. Koch 1928

Francis T. Krupinski 1938

Gay and Douglas C. Lane 1967

Orin T. Leach 1934

Elizabeth A. Leach

Karen A. and Steven J. Lee 1969

Martha and Paul Leitner 1976

Linda and George B. Lemmon 1954

Karen and Paul S. Levy 1969

Lucy Packer Linderman

Brigitte Loewy Linz

Ludwig and Erwin Loewy

Elizabeth and George P. Maginness 1940

James 1985 and Sharon Maida 2017P, 2019P

Clara and Leon T. Mart 1913

Elizabeth and Harry T. Martindale 1927*

William S. McConnor 1941

Sue and Eugene Mercy, Jr. 1959

Geraldine F. and Norman J. Merksamer 1952

Hannah and James D. Miller 1964, 1967G

Melda and Harold S. Mohler 1948

Robert P. More 1910

Lucy G. Moses

Gene W. Mulvihill, Sr. 1956

Warren V. Musser 1949

Elizabeth and Robert S. Nanovic 1960

Marjorie M. Nemes 1951

James W. Packard 1884

Asa Packer

Roger S. Penske 1959

Amy and Joseph R. Perella 1964*

Carl E. Petrillo 1962

Theresa Sell and Arthur Everett Pitcher

Lucien H. Platt 1931

Bonnie and Frank T. Pratt 1965

Paul H. Preis 1954

Monroe J. Rathbone 1921

Philip Rauch 1933

Victor C. Records 1898

Lenore M. Richards

Beatrix and Lunsford Richardson, Jr. 1946

Leslie C. Ricketts 1922

Ardath and Robert Rodale 1952

Herbert A. Roemmele 1953

Ada E. and Peter C. Rossin 1948*

S. Murray Rust, Jr. 1934

Sarah and J. Stuart Ryan 1981, 2011P, 2014P

Virginia C. and John D. Saussaman 1939

Harriet M. and David H. Schaper 1943

Karen G. Shihadeh Schaufeld 1983 and Fredrick D. Schaufeld 1981, 2015P, 2017P

Amy R. Frolick and Brad Eric Scheler 1974, 2005P, 2008P, 2009PG

Grace S. and James H. Schnabel 1931

Walter A. Schrader 1949

John B. Schwoyer 1917

Arthur F. Searing 1928

Hemali and Sanjay Shah 1989

Ann and Herbert J. Siegel 1950

Claire and William Siegele 1941

Charlot and Dennis E. Singleton III 1966

Daniel E. Smith, Jr. 1971*

Oliver Hobson Smith 1911

Dorothy L. and Donald B. Stabler 1930*

Evelyn E. and Frank G. Steinbrucker 1940

George Stephanopoulos

Joseph K. Stone 1936

Robert D. Stout 1941

Nan and Charles Strauch 1957

Dale S. Strohl 1958

Roberta H. and James B. Swenson 1959

Gordon E. Tait 1942

James R. Tanenbaum 1970 and Elizabeth Scofield

Arthur C. Tauck 1953

Charles L. Taylor 1876

Donald F. Textor 1968

Joan F. and John M. Thalheimer 1955

Alice and Richard S. Thall 1955, 1987P, 2015GP, 2018GP

Elizabeth M. and Ferdinand Thun 1956

Ronald J. Ulrich 1967, 1998P, 1999P*

Hazel and Walter Volkhardt 1916

Clarence Walker 1889

Terry and R. Donald Walp 1938

Mimi and Frank E. Walsh, Jr. 1963

Karen R. and Frank E. (Ted) Walsh III 1988

Samuel D. Warriner 1890

Chandler Weaver 1913

Jane and Louis Weinstock 1936*

Kim and Finn Wentworth 1980

Miriam B. and John L.G. Weysser 1931

Lawrence E. White 1964

Robert W. Wieseman 1916

Elisha P. Wilbur

David G. Williams 1950

Edward H. Williams, Jr. 1875

Frank Williams 1887

Timothy J. Wilmott 1980, 1981G

Ralph L. Wilson 1921

Kenneth R. Woodcock 1965

Kathryn and Mark R. Yeager 1981

Helen Marie and Charles F. Zell 1938

Linda Gamble and Michael D. Zisman 1970

Victoria and Robert E. Zoellner 1954*

D. Brooks Zug 1967