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Vickie A. and Kenneth R. French 1975

Through their giving, Vickie and Ken French ’75 wanted to make a transformative impact at Lehigh, a place that propelled Ken toward his academic and professional successes. In order to pay forward the generosity he received as a student, Ken and Vickie established the Kenneth R. French ’75 and Vickie A. French Endowed Scholarship, which will provide access and opportunity to the most deserving students. This scholarship funds five French Scholars per year, and these students will receive financial support for all four years of their undergraduate careers. The Frenches are members of the Tower Society and Founder’s Associates of the Asa Packer Society.

Beyond the scholarship that the Frenches have established, they have also supported experiential learning and provided emergency funding for students in times of crisis. Ultimately the Frenches’ primary philanthropic mission at Lehigh is to increase the likelihood of graduation for students.

Ken graduated from Lehigh with a degree in mechanical engineering. He later attended the University of Rochester, where he earned his Master of Business Administration in accounting, a Master of Science in accounting, and a Doctor of Philosophy in finance. Ken is the Roth Family Distinguished Professor of Finance at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, and is one of the top cited economists in the world. An expert on the behavior of security prices and investment strategies, Ken is most notably known for developing the Fama-French Three Factor Model with economist Eugene Fama, which describes the behavior of stock prices and is used by academics and investors. He was previously on the faculty of MIT's Sloan School of Management, the Yale School of Management, and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Ken has returned to Lehigh’s campus on many occasions to share his research and knowledge in finance with faculty and students in the College of Business.

Vickie earned her undergraduate degree in business from Moravian College – it was during this time that Ken met and fell in love with Vickie. The Frenches have three children – Elizabeth, Laura, and Robert – and six delightful grandchildren. They currently reside in Hanover, NH.