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Marion and George F. Keller 1944

Marion and George Keller ’44 were quiet benefactors of Lehigh University. Through their estate they established the Marion A. and George F. Keller ’44 Endowed Scholarship Fund, thus contributing to helping Lehigh attract and retain talented students. Their gift reflects the value they placed in a Lehigh education. The Kellers were members of the Tower Society.

While a student at Lehigh, George studied mechanical engineering. His education was disrupted by World War II, during which George enlisted in the army and was called to active duty in 1944. Upon returning from his tour, George completed his undergraduate education in 1947, though he always considered himself a member of the class of 1944. George went on to work as a project engineer for what is now the ExxonMobil Corporation, for more than 40 years. Marion attended Douglass College (now a part of Rutgers University) and worked for 45 years in social services. At the height of her career, she was the supervisor of Child Services in Rockland County, NY. Even after retiring, Marion volunteered at Children and Family Services and stayed in touch with many of her clients.

Throughout their whole lives, Marion and George shared a love of the quiet life, the outdoors, animals, and wildlife. Marion passed away in 2017. She was preceded in death by George. They were happily married for 34 years.