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Hobart B. Dietz, Jr. 1953

Hobart B. Dietz, Jr. has been described as a kind and wonderful man. The business administration alumnus proved that he also liked to help others by leaving the bulk of his estate, $2.9 million, to Lehigh University.
A retired manager from Sun Oil Company, Hobart always remembered the impact that Lehigh made on his life and chose to do the same for future students. He lived an accomplished life and gave his estate as an unrestricted gift to help support Lehigh’s mission through his charitable bequest. His bequest created the Hobart B. Dietz, Jr. Endowment Fund and will be used to support the university’s highest priorities in scholarship, teaching, and research.
James Ruggiero, Jr., lawyer and executor of the Dietz estate, shared that Hobart took great pride in knowing that he was able to make this gift and that Lehigh would use it to provide for the next generations of learners and leaders. During his lifetime, Hobart was a member of the Tower Society and Asa Packer Society and supported Lehigh’s many campaigns and annual fund program.

As an undergraduate, Hobart was a member of Lambda Chi Alpha and the Lehigh Accounting Society, and he participated in Mustard and Cheese, Men’s Swimming, and Alpha Phi Omega. He passed away on July 11, 2012.