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Mary and Herbert E. Ehlers 1962

MaryAs a member of the Lehigh University Class of 1962, Herbert Ehlers majored in mathematics.  In 1964 he earned a Lehigh M.S. in management science. While a student, Ehlers was active in his fraternity, Chi Psi, and served as captain of both the track and cross-country teams for two years. In addition, he served in several student government capacities.

Since graduation, Ehlers has generously given his time and talents to many university activities. He was a member of the Board of Trustees until 2006, serving on the executive committee, the development committee, the student affairs committee and the physical planning and plant committee of the Board. Ehlers also served on the Trustee Steering Committee for Lehigh's $125 million financial aid campaign, on the Board of Director’s of the Lehigh University Alumni Association and was a member of the Business School Advisory Council.

Ehlers is currently a managing director of Goldman, Sachs & Co. Goldman, Sachs & Co. acquired his company, Liberty Investment Management, Inc., in January 1997. Ehlers had previously been a member of the Board of Directors of Raymond James Financial, a brokerage and financial services firm. Ehlers and his wife Mary have two grown children, a son, Scott, a member of Lehigh's Class of 1992 and a daughter, Ashley.

In 1984, Ehlers established the Ehlers Family Scholarship Fund, which awards scholarships to undergraduate students. He also funds additional scholarships through annual gifts to support scholar-athletes competing in cross-country or track. Additionally, Ehlers has provided significant funding to the College of Business & Economics.