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Robert P. More 1910

RobertRobert More earned his degree from Lehigh University in 1910. After earning his master’s degree in German at Harvard in 1913, More studied at the Universities of Munich and Heidelberg before beginning his teaching career.

He returned to Lehigh in 1916, joining his friend and mentor Phillip M. Palmer in the German department.  Together they co-authored the book Sources of the Faust Tradition. After succeeding Palmer as head of the department, More became associate dean of the College of Arts and Science under Palmer, and in 1950, became the second dean of the college, following his old friend.  More’s colleagues remembered him as “the voice of common sense” at faculty meetings. More lived the dream of every small investor – to buy an obscure stock and watch it soar in value. With $3,000 he saved from his professor’s salary, More bought shares in a small company that published a children’s magazine, My Weekly Reader. The company grew into IBM.

More retired in 1956 and was honored by the Alumni Award in 1965 for “his loyal and devoted service to his alma mater as class correspondent, member of the archives committee, and for his generous support of every Lehigh effort.” After his death in 1970, he left a gift to Lehigh which, at that time, was second only to Asa Packer’s. His larger gift to Lehigh, however, was the 40 years he spent as a faculty member at his alma mater. More Residence Hall on the Goodman Campus, now home to Lehigh’s Child Care Center, is named in his honor.