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Joseph K. Stone 1936

Joseph K. Stone graduated from Lehigh University in 1936 with a degree in metallurgical engineering, followed by his professional engineering degree in 1948. He later earned an M.B.A. from University of Chicago, where he and his late wife Charlotte made their home. Stone was an expert in the LD process of making steel and was nicknamed “Mr. LD,” with many articles written on his expertise. The LD process of steel making produced stronger and cheaper steel. He held eight patents. In 1990, Stone retired as manager at Kaiser Engineers, an international firm that worked on construction projects including the Hoover Dam and the cleanup of Boston Harbor. After his retirement, he wrote the LD Process Newsletter, which was published and distributed internationally. In 1997, the Republic of Austria presented him with the Golden Order of Merit Award for his outstanding service to the steel industry.

Stone was a member of the Tower Society. Upon his death in 2005, Stone’s estate established the Joseph K. Stone and Charlotte P. Stone Endowment Fund at Lehigh, which supports teaching, research, and publication in metallurgy and materials science.