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Arthur C. Tauck 1953, 1979P

Arthur C. Tauck graduated from Lehigh in 1953 with a degree in marketing. As an undergraduate, he was president, vice president, treasurer and house manager of Delta Upsilon, a member of sophomore and junior Class Cabinets and a lacrosse player. Tauck is chairman of Tauck World Discovery (TWD), a family owned and operated tour company providing deluxe vacation tours to all seven continents of the world. Started in 1925 by his father, TWD has evolved from a small company to the nation’s largest tour operator. His son Peter, a member of Lehigh’s class of 1979, is president of Tauck Holdings.

A visionary in world tourism, Tauck took over the family’s tour business in 1958, when his father surprised him one morning by retiring. Tauck had already shown a knack for inventiveness – just months earlier, with air travel still in its infancy, he had come up with the idea of chartering a weekly tourist flight from Idlewild, New York to Nova Scotia.

Tauck continued to innovate. He envisioned chartered air/motor coach trips when others still relied on rail. The company introduced helicopter sightseeing in the Hawaiian Islands and helicopter travel to mountain sites in the Canadian Rockies. His Yellow Roads of Europe Tours took people to places less travelled.

At Lehigh, Tauck has funded a chair in international marketing, a classroom in the Rauch Business Center, the Arthur C. Tauck Scholarship, and the Tauck Scholars Program. The program, currently in its 20th year, provides students with international summer internships and other learning opportunities to students in cultural settings that are new and foreign to them.

In 1999, Tauck was chosen for the prestigious L-in-Life Award presented by the New York Alumni Club for lifetime achievement. The L-in-Life award was originated by the Lehigh Club of New York in 1939. Its purpose is to recognize alumni of Lehigh University for outstanding achievements in business and professional life and for continued devotion and loyal service to the university. Tauck also earned the Alumni Award from the Alumni Association in 1989. He has also been keynote speaker at various Lehigh gatherings, and was recently featured in the university’s Advancing Lehigh publication. He has participated in Lehigh phonathons, served on his 35th and 50th Reunion Fund Committees and was chairman of his 40th Reunion Fund Committee.