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Clarence Walker 1889

ClarenceFootball was a very different sport in 1889 when Clarence “Claddie” Walker captained the Lehigh team in its first period of glory as it won the championship of Pennsylvania. Walker described a very physical game that had a 110-yard field, players who played both offense and defense in two, 45-minute halves in a 1941 note to H.R. Reiter, Lehigh’s first director of athletics. “Brawn as usual was needed to hold that line,” he wrote. “One learned the rules, and hard experience taught self-reliance and an ambition to win fairly.”

After earning a bachelor’s degree in 1889 and a degree in mining engineering in 1890, Walker became a mining engineer with the Berwind-White Coal Mining Company from 1890 to 1896. He then moved to several other companies before coming to the Dravo Company in 1899 as an engineer and superintendent of outside work.

In 1901, Walker became an assistant superintendent of docks at the Pittsburgh and Conneaut Dock Company in Conneaut, Ohio, a subsidiary of the Carnegie Steel Company. He remained with the company when it became part of U.S. Steel and retired in 1932 as superintendent of docks. After his retirement, he moved to Los Angeles, California. Walker attended reunions and corresponded with the Alumni Association, especially about the early days of football at Lehigh. He died in 1949.