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Robert W. Wieseman 1916

Robert Wieseman’s Lehigh classmates recognized his outstanding ability in electrical engineering by dubbing him “regular wireless wizard” in the 1917 Epitome. Discussing Wieseman, the Epitome added, “When the famous Wm. Esty, S.B., M.A. gazed upon this embryo electrical engineer, he saw a dazzling light, and knew that he discovered ‘The Master Key’ for further developments in electrical science. When it comes to electrical subjects, he is like an over excited sychronomous motor, and he has a decided lead.”

A Harrisburg, Pennsylvania native, Wieseman spent his entire career as a motor generator design engineer for General Electric in the Schenectady, New York area. In 1926, he won the American Institute of Electrical Engineers’ First Paper Prize, and in 1927 he won GE’s Coffin Award for his work in sychronomous motor design. He was a holder of several patents, wrote many technical papers on his work, and was a member of the Society of Sigma IX, the honorary scientific fraternity.

Active with the Lehigh Club of Northern New York, Wieseman served a term as the club’s president. Wieseman died in 1976, and his bequest to Lehigh provided for an endowed chair in the department of electrical engineering.